“Emergence” is the opening of the first show at UNTITLED gallery in the Warehouse District Steinfeld Building just a block from ALLEY CAT STUDIO in Tucson. 

“Impermanence V” has been accepted in the juried show of mixed media artwork.

The natural world is often a point
of reference in my work. “Impermanence” is inspired by the
night skies. Meteor showers, moon cycles, and distant constellations
represent transiency and the etherealness of life. Fleeting
events in the universe can represent cosmic disaster, as well as
be an impetus for reflection. Seeming disasters in life present
opportunities to pause, shift perspective, and embrace change.
I attempt to emulate this transitory process in the studio
through “disruptive printmaking.”

I used ferric acid in this series in
an unconventional manner—engaging, then ravaging an aluminum
plate. I realized that catastrophe was necessary for the effects
I wanted to create. Destruction in the process of creation breaks
the link between past and present; resulting prints can never be
reproduced. Layers of chine collé give translucent color,
imagery, and depth to finished pieces. Viewers can interpret or invent meaning.
My images evoke the uneasy peace we make with the impermanence of existence.

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