Mexico Summer

I am spending a month in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! The spectacular colors and architecture are captivating. This stunning view is from the terraza of my temporary home. Painting outdoors is on the agenda now that temperatures are pleasant day and night. The architecture of the 450 year old city is Spanish Colonial with a multitude of beautiful cathedrals and churches and extraordinary homes and gardens. There are flowers and trees and cacti of so many varieties the subject matter for painting and printmaking is an artists dream.  

Perennial Warm Spring

Tucson has a verdant park that people and wildlife and plant life have enjoyed for over five thousand years.

M and I set out for the drive over to the sprawling east side of our little city of Sun and Mountains in the Sonoran Desert. What a delight to set up our easels along one of the three connecting ponds amongst a tropical oasis!

Although the sun was bright in the sky, we painted in the shade of the lush trees and reeds and wetland habitat. The gleams of light filtered through the sanctuary.

What a joy to spend an afternoon and capture a day in yummy oil memories.

Lab Work

Once again, working on a traditional etching at the print lab. I am experimenting and learning ways to enhance and define my relief design on a copper plate.  Years ago, Dragonflies took a special place in my artwork. Their iridescent colors and delicate forms make an excellent study in all mediums. They have a Happy Spring vibe that I offer out to all April spirits.  

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