Viva Vivian

Inktober brought to life a new character to my artwork this 2021.  Vivian has been transformed from a sketch into a drypoint etching that translates to an ongoing compilation of various experimental pieces with monoprinting, chine collé and collage. 

“Viva Vivian” Ink Drawing

“Vivian Unbound” Chine Collé Monoprint Collage $185.

“Vivian’s Valentine” Chine Collé Mononprint Collage $185.

“Vivian Vamp I” $100.

Years End

Morning and fresh thoughts and relaxed musings

Mid-Morning and not so fresh and not as relaxed

Lost in the Mid-Day complexities the mind churns

Indecision Inspiration Confusion Resignation

Oh the afternoon brings a push toward clarity

Read    Make art    Make food    Get lost  
Take a hike

Hummingbirds, Sparrows and Finch

Life is really a winning game

Circles of life

Circus of life

Seriously LIFE

You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it

Evening comes too soon in December

Holidays bring reflection compassion raw fibrous memories
and bursts of joy

Thoughts go to elsewhere

Keep the demons at bay and soak in the red velvet and
sincere fluffy emotions of love

Solstice sums up the year and what a year what a year what a

All hands on deck

All hearts in our Christmas stockings

Welcome Kris Kringle and Menorahs and more memories

Darkness inside and outside

Sleep little or Sleep lots

Does JOY jump or do I

only want to sleep

and feel a while



a while


Late Autumn Rain renews the desert with a brisk sunshine day at IronWood National Monument.  It brings inspiration and that holiday cheer to lift the spirits. I stand in awe over the Sonoran Desert Splendor.   Along with a watercolor brush and some winter color the morning hours are captured on paper. How I love paper! Fresh and white as the snow we don’t see here in the desert but rarely.  An imprint of the day is my homage to life lived with the gems of nature gathered inwardly and expressed outwardly. 

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