Traversing Covid

It has been almost six month since the pandemic became a primary determinant in life. A vacation to Mexico grew into over two months of residing high in the desert sky mountains of Zacatecas. While in Mexico, the virus continued to permeate the world. My artwork turned to watercolors and photography while away from my oil studio and printmaking. My photo of “Nuestra Señora de Tristeza Corona” introduces a collection  with la señora “Traversing Covid”. The solar plate image commences a series of my journey to the other side.  

“Transversing Covid I” Zacatecas - May 2020 - Mixed Media Monoprint

“Transversing Covid II” Mixed Media Monoprint

“Transversing Covid III” Tucson - July 2020 - Mixed Media Monoprint

“Transversing Covid IV” Mixed Media Monoprint

“Transversing Covid V” Mixed Media Monoprint - Cienega Creek 

“Transversing Covid VI” Mixed Media Monoprint

The pandemic continues and so does life in the Sonoran Desert.  Cienega Creek is a morning respite in the cool air out of the heat of Tucson. The creek bed below the railroad trestles, although without any water now, offers an interesting study and drawing opportunity of one of the trestles. Birds sing of Nuestra Señora de Tristeza Corona, looming as always during these days of 2020 …………………………………………………….

Solemn Promise

My promise in this new world where we are being serenaded by a sad song will be to take in stride confinement and revel in the solidtude and that promises made will continue to be kept with a spirit of joyful freedom. Solidarity with my art and solitary days of unrestraint. My heart leads the way. These prints are done with chine collé and watercolor balancing and tightening the ink and fulfilling a promise. 

“Been There doing That”

Back in the Sonoran Desert happily enjoying home and my studio enjoying how it brings inspiration. Memories of a rambling and thrilling whirl of cities and beaches and remote mountains knit a world adrift in my thoughts and streaming into artworks in printmaking. Indoors during the heat of the day after plein air paintings in the freshness of the early light of summers peak stir hot winds of change. “Been There doing That” is a monotype with stencil city scenes of cities where I have lived or spent some time wandering and exploring. The scenes come to life while creating and recreating and lingering long enough to find a new expression to blow into the wind. 

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