Zacatecas is my temporary home during this very strange time in our lives. Spring blooms carelessly while people take care to “social distance” and keep mainly to themselves. The flora cares not. It opens itself and adorns the now closed parks and museum gardens. Museo Francisco Goita soothes my soul gazing through the locked gates. The bougainvillea climb the stone wall and a tree of glorious green leafs out in silent hope beyond their padlocked existence. 

“Bramble On”

“Bramble On”

Spring is teasing Tucson with budding shades of green brightening the mood of the desert winter. The wind breathes recklessly while tender growth emerges.

February Plein Air in the Sonoran Desert~

What an ideal time in the Sonoran Desert - February brings delightful weather best enjoyed being out in it!   Breathing in the tranquility while studying the landscape, I create a tribute in oils and sigh a breath of content. Soon the Ocotillo will be in bloom so stay tuned!!  

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