Solemn Promise

My promise in this new world where we are being serenaded by a sad song will be to take in stride confinement and revel in the solidtude and that promises made will continue to be kept with a spirit of joyful freedom. Solidarity with my art and solitary days of unrestraint. My heart leads the way. These prints are done with chine collé and watercolor balancing and tightening the ink and fulfilling a promise. 

“Been There doing That”

Back in the Sonoran Desert happily enjoying home and my studio enjoying how it brings inspiration. Memories of a rambling and thrilling whirl of cities and beaches and remote mountains knit a world adrift in my thoughts and streaming into artworks in printmaking. Indoors during the heat of the day after plein air paintings in the freshness of the early light of summers peak stir hot winds of change. “Been There doing That” is a monotype with stencil city scenes of cities where I have lived or spent some time wandering and exploring. The scenes come to life while creating and recreating and lingering long enough to find a new expression to blow into the wind. 


Zacatecas is my temporary home during this very strange time in our lives. Spring blooms carelessly while people take care to “social distance” and keep mainly to themselves. The flora cares not. It opens itself and adorns the now closed parks and museum gardens. Museo Francisco Goita soothes my soul gazing through the locked gates. The bougainvillea climb the stone wall and a tree of glorious green leafs out in silent hope beyond their padlocked existence. 

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