“Impermanence” Collection

Impermanence Collection contains the ever constant universal transformation occurring in our everyday journey. It symbolizes how events are sometimes difficult lessons, yet conclude like phoenix rising. We see the beauty rise from the ashes. What we plan often turns awry yet leads to a wondrous ending. What we view as unsightly sometimes proves to bring us beauty and allows us a fresh perspective. Inevitable transformation prevails.  

Solar Impressions Art Show

It is with great pleasure and certainly an honor to have been juried into

Solar Impressions & International Masters/Collaborations in Printmaking


Presented with Inspiration Plus and Dan Welden

FREE PUBLIC OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, 11/16 from 6-8 PM


My “Little Gypsy” print has been juried into this prestigious event.  

“Little Gypsy” is a combination of solar plate, chine collé and collage. I am especially enamored with chine collé and solar plates. It is a natural path for me to follow, living in a  sun drenched city filled with inspiration and light! I encourage anyone interested to join me and the other printmakers for this wonderful and enlightening event. 

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